Victorian Fairy Seamless Tile Clipart

Victorian Fairy Seamless Tile Clipart

Victorian Fairy Seamless Tile Clipart. Click to view and download the larger version of this graphic.

Victorian Fairy Seamless tile Clipart

The creative possibilities are endless

This is a Victorian Fairy Seamless tile that I made. At first I thought it the characters in this image are angels, but a closer inspection revealed they are fairies. Either way, it made a gorgeous tile.

There are so many uses for seamless tiles. You can use it as a pattern in Photoshop or you can open it in Paint Shop Pro, select it as a pattern and and easily flood fill an image with it to create a background. This is an easy way to create scrapbook papers. Or you can use it to fill in only parts of your design. You can also use it as a background tile for your website, and it will tile the background seamlessly. Truly, the possibilities are endless, and this is a particularly lovely image with the unique character of the Victorian times.

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