ClipArtPlace.com owns the rights to all vintage/antique and 3D graphics on this site. All of the vintage images are from our extensive collections and are altered from the original form. We retain all rights to these graphics. By allowing you to download the graphics, we’re conveying no copyrights to you, but are giving you a license to use the work via the following terms.

While many of our images were originally published before 1923, making them public domain, we have creatively altered most of them, and these versions are protected by copyright in recognition of the considerable expenditure of production work, money, and other resources in making these images available to you.

All 3D graphics offered on this site were created by and are the original work of ButterflyWebGraphics.com.

Terms of Use

What you can do with these graphics

These graphics can be used for all personal and most types of commercial use, including web design, tag design, personal projects, DIY crafts, certain paper crafts, embroidery designs, fabric block making, and more. Credit must be given to ClipArtPlace.com for online use of any kind.

• Use and/or print unlimited copies of images for your non-commercial use, including cards, scrapbooks, jewelry, tags, DIY crafts, home decor–etc. Alter them as needed to make your own unique Art! Incorporate the images into a new creation, be it a collage, fabric art, or any mixed media projects.

If your work is published, online or off, please credit ClipArtPlace.com.

• Use the images commercially to create handmade craft items for Sale, tags, jewelry, scrapbook pages, decoupage items, ornaments, home decor items, embroidery designs, and fabrics blocks.

What you can’t do with these graphics

• These graphics can’t be used for commercial art prints or posters.

• These graphics can’t be used to make reproduction postcards or die-cuts.

• These graphics can’t be used on another clipart site, free or commercial. They can’t be added to a collection or to a CD, copied, shared, redistributed or resold, in whole or in part, in any printed or digital format. They can’t be used in software.

• These graphics may not be resold or distributed alone or as part of any other compilation or design resource, including, prints, CD, DVD, downloads, templates, digital scrapbook kits–they can be used in scrap kits if the layers are merged and a unique design is created.

• ClipArtPlace graphics may be used to create design supplies such as backgrounds, papers, frames, and scrap pages, but may not be used for design elements for sale that competes with this site, including collage sheets with transparent backgrounds, “tubes,” PNG files, PSD files, or anything with a transparent background.

•Images may not be stored on any public server or network accessible by anyone other than the licensee and may not be uploaded to image sharing sites like Flickr.

•None of the 3D graphics may be used for any kind of 3D printing or 3D duplication.

•No image may be used as a trademark or service mark.

By using this site and downloading these graphics, you agree to be bound by these terms of use.


We offer you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use the digital files on this site in accordance with the terms of this agreement.

We offer no guarantee about the copyrights to our vintage/antique or other collections. Those most items published before 1923 are copyright free, there are exceptions. Use them at your own risk.

It’s your full and final responsibility to make a legal determination regarding the suitability of any image for any specific purpose, commercial or otherwise. Except for any liability which cannot, by law, be limited or excluded, ClipArtPlace disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose.

ClipartPlace, and the owners and agents thereof, will not be held liable for any claims, damages, costs or expenses that may arise from any use of these images. This includes, but is not limited to, direct, indirect, consequential or compensatory damages, loss of or damage to data, property, profit or income, and claims of third parties.

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Failure to comply with any term or condition herein will result in automatic revocation of all permissions to use our products.

All rights not expressly granted are reserved!

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