My name is Bobette. I’m a graphical artist and novelist. I also own and operate ButterflyWebGraphics.com, a premier graphics site that features my 3D artwork. I’ve been a professional graphical artist for more than fifteen years.

I’ve owned the domain “ClipArtPlace” for many years and had always intended to develop it into a clipart site, but I was unsure about what exactly I wanted to do with it. I’ve also collected antique and vintage ephemera for ages and have a massive collection, and I have a passion for crafts, florals, cooking, and home decorating projects–I’m especially skilled in floral crafts.

These interests finally culminated into an idea for ClipArtPlace. I realized that I wanted to use my skills and resources to offer artists a valuable and free graphical resource that would be useful to them–not only digital artists, but designers from all walks of art, including Crafters, DIYers, Homeschoolers, teachers, and others. You see, I have a firm belief that art is good for the soul, a way to relieve stress and the other negatives of life, and I’ve always endeavored to encourage others to take up some form of art.

I hope to accomplish these goals at ClipArtPlace. So on this site, I’ll offer high-quality Free Vintage images, 3D images, Craft Projects, and DIY Tutorials, Printables, Household Tips, recipes, and Home Decor Ideas. Things to help you create, things that I hope will make your life a little better and brighter. I want ClipartPlace to be the kind of place you’ll come to often to relax, take it easy, and find inspiration. I hope something you find here brings lasting value to you.

I love all kinds of Crafts and Holiday Crafts are among my favorites! So you’ll soon find lots of Tutorials and ideas for things you can make for nearly every occasion, including Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving and so much more!

I hope you enjoy this site and find something that will spark your creativity!

If you have any questions, just ask.

Bobette Bryan


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