Decorating Tree Clipart

Decorating Tree Clipart

Decorating Tree Clipart. Click the image to view and download the full-size version.

Decorating the Tree Clipart

This vintage image shows a woman decorating a Christmas tree with hearts, candles, shamrocks, and pigs. The postcard was in very bad shape, but I’ve retouched it. Who couldn’t love the expression on this lovely lady’s face? She’s like a holiday Mona Lisa.

Some of you are probably wondering why she’s decorating the tree with pigs.

You will find such a theme in many vintage illustrations and greetings. The pig, like the shamrock, used to a popular holiday symbol in Europe and America, representing luck, success, and prosperity–something we’d all like for the year ahead. It’s little wonder then that pig was often used in holiday decorating and postcards for Christmas, New Years, and Easter. This concept is also expressed in the tradition of serving ham for Christmas and pork for a New Years feast–it’s thought to bring good luck.

Though the shamrock continued to be a symbol of good luck and prosperity, it’s holiday use is now primarily limited to Saint Patrick’s Day. Unfortunately, the pig has practically lost its popularity as a symbol of good luck in modern times. You won’t see its likeness hanging on the door with a Christmas bow, but the pig is still served up for Chrismtas dinner in millions of homes.

So if you want to do some really unique decorating, consider the pig this holiday season. Actually, they are kind of cute with a Christmas bow.

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